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Responsibilites Description

1) Operation Deputy:
This deputy is responsible for operation, preventive maintenance, repairing waterworks and wastewater equipment in Hamadan province, attempting to find practical and scientific solutions to reduce Non-Revenue water (NRW), and supervising wastewater collection, treatment and disposal.
2) Technical Engineering and Development Deputy:
This deputy is responsible for planning and designing construction and operation of installation and equipment like water and wastewater treatment plants, constructing and reconstructing water and wastewater pipelines implementing, water and wastewater pipe laying , reform and rehabilitation of water and wastewater networks, and construction and development of the network .
3) Subscribers service and Revenue Deputy:
This deputy is responsible for monitoring the collection of company’s revenues, investigating the company’s economic affairs, supervising the implementation of water and wastewater Tariffs, and administrating subscriber’s affairs.
4) Human Resources and Management improvement Deputy :
This deputy is responsible for company’s human resources such as : staffing, appointment, training , promotion, welfare and personnel affaires, and also planning and implementing any hardware and software, collecting and analyzing all company’s data and statistics, supervising the company’s research projects, and taking necessary actions for quality management systems deployment in the company.
5) Finance and Logistic Deputy:
This deputy is responsible for all financial matters such as: paying salary and fringe benefits, purchasing company’s requirements, and managing public service unites of the company like restaurant, transportation, secretariat, etc.
6) Auditing and Appraisal manager:
This part is responsible for auditing and monitoring financial performance of the company.
7) Investigating Complaints Manager :
The duty of this manager is to investigated and respond to customer’s complaints.
8) Estate and Legal Affairs Manager:
This manager is responsible for investigating and solving legal issues of the company.

9) Contracts Manager :
Is in charge of making required contracts with contractors.
10) Public Relations and General Training Manager :
Is responsible for public relations, communicating with the public and mass media, informing media of the latest news of the company, publishing monthly, quarterly, and yearly newsletters, advertising, and educating people for the optimum consumption of water.
11) Security and Confidential Affairs Manager:
Is responsible for the company’s security and monitoring the personnel’s absence or attendance.
12) Hamadan Urban Water and Wastewater Manager:
This manager is responsible for the water & wastewater department in five regions of Hamadan city ( capital of Hamadan province).

Water & wastewater Hamedan
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