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Historical background of Hamadan province

Hamadan province has been the place of settlement and appearance of ancient civilizations since the most remote times. The existence of a significant number of prehistoric ancient hills in different parts of the province is proof of this claim.

In the oldest Assyrian stone inscription, Hamedan is mentioned as 'Aksaya', which means the city of Cassian, and this shows that the history of the civilization of Hamedan goes back at least to the third millennium BC.

Hamedan city is one of the western and mountainous cities of Iran and the center of Hamedan city and province. This city is located on the slopes of Alvand mountain and at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level, and is considered one of the coldest cities in Iran.

Historical background of water supply in Hamadan city

The archeological excavations carried out in the historical hill of Hegmetane show the existence of a water supply system in this historical city. This system, using a brick floor and a metal surface covered with high-quality clay mortar, was most likely a path for the passage of drinking water.

Establishment of water and sewage company of Hamadan province

Hamedan Province Water and Wastewater Company (private shares) was established based on Article 1 of the Law on the Establishment of Water and Sewerage Companies dated 11/10/1990 of the Islamic Council.

The main activity of Hamedan Province Water and Sewerage Company according to the statutes is to establish urban water distribution and distribution facilities and facilities related to the collection, transfer and treatment of wastewater, as well as the operation of urban water supply, distribution and distribution facilities and facilities related to the collection, transfer and treatment of wastewater. Within the legal limits of the cities of the province and investing in institutions and conducting research and educational activities in related activities and implementing water supply and transfer projects, as the case may be, will be with the approval of the Ministry of Energy.

Integration of urban and rural water and sewage companies

The Cabinet of Ministers approved in the meeting dated 30/7/2013 according to the joint proposal No. 91/32037/100 dated 30/7/91 of the Ministries of Energy and Economic Affairs and Property and based on Article 138 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran :

1- According to paragraph "d" of article (19) of the law on the implementation of general policies, article (44) of the constitution, rural water and sewage companies are merged into urban water and sewage companies, and the assets and liabilities (30) of the rural water and sewage company are transferred to Except for the equity rights, it will be transferred to the city water and sewage companies according to the method and price determined by the transfer board.

2- Privatization organization is obliged to transfer the shares of the government in urban water and sewage companies after carrying out the mentioned measures in the implementation of the mentioned law.

Water & wastewater Hamedan
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