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The people of Yaramjebagh village were watered

The people of Yaramjebagh village were watered

The managing director of Hamedan Province Water and Sewerage Company announced the supply of sustainable drinking water for Yaramjebagh village in Rozan city with the cooperation of water and sewerage affairs of Rozen city, the residents of this village and the camp of Imam Hassan Mojtabi (a.s.) and said: this project is one of the water supply jihad projects. and by exploiting it, the problem of supplying drinking water to this village for several years was solved.

According to the public relations report of Hamadan province water company, Farhad Bakhtiarifar announced this news: in order to supply water to this village, the design and connection of the large complex of Khorondeh to Yaramche Bagh village with the cooperation of Imam Hassan Mojtabi (a.s.) camp with a credit of more than one billion Toman was on the agenda, and in this project, four and a half kilometers of water transmission line from Ghainerjah village has been implemented by Imam Hassan Mojtabi (a.s.) headquarters. 

Bakhtiarifar stated: Three billion tomans have been spent on drilling, equipping and fencing wells to supply water to this project, and construction of a 200 cubic meter reservoir with two kilometers of transmission line modification and one kilometer of distribution network development has been done in this project.

Referring to the dredging of five wells and the digging of two wells by the residents of this village, he said: The construction and equipping of the pumping station was done as a trust and from the internal resources of the water and sewerage affairs of Rozen city with a cost of over 300 million tomans.

By carrying out this project, 716 people were blessed with healthy drinking water.

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