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A specialized gray water recycling meeting was held in Hamedan

A specialized gray water recycling meeting was held in Hamedan

On the occasion of the commemoration of the Muslim scientist Khwaja Nasiruddin Tousi, Engineer's Day and National Water Day, a specialized meeting on water consumption management and gray water recycling of modern buildings was held by Hamedan Province Water and Sewerage Company.

According to the public relations report of Hamedan province water and sewage company; Boali Sina University, Organization of Construction Engineers, Basij of Boali University professors and Civil and Architecture Engineers' Organization cooperated in holding this meeting which was held on March 8.
One of the country's researchers said in this workshop meeting the memory of the Muslim scientist Khwaja Nasiruddin Tosi: The change and reduction of rainfall patterns and the reduction of water to the level of a crisis increase the necessity of using gray water.
Dr. Asadian pointed out that gray water includes about 70% of construction wastewater that comes from roofs and non-sanitary wastewater, and said: These waters can be used directly to wash spaces such as staircases, washrooms, parking lots, etc. They can be used for watering gardens, filling siphons and heating and cooling devices, and of course they can also be purified.
In the end, he noted: We are one of the countries with high water consumption, with a per capita consumption of 220 liters per day, and we can help manage water consumption by reducing 10 to 12 liters per day.
 The associate professor of the country's Soil Conservation and Watershed Research Institute also said: This meeting is in line with the management and optimal use of water by extracting and combining rainwater and gray water in buildings and collecting water from impervious urban surfaces.
Mir Masoud Khairkhah Zarkash stated: The water crisis is very serious and it will not be solved if we don't take action as an individual in the society, and the decisions should be in accordance with environmental, economic, geographical and religious issues.
In the end, he stated: Due to the serious lack of water in different parts, the sharp drop in the level of underground aquifers, and on the other hand, the expansion of cities and the increase of buildings and different levels, the importance of using gray water has increased, which is almost zero in our country.

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