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Providing drinking water to more than 8 thousand rural households in Hamedan with the efforts of the 13th government

Providing drinking water to more than 8 thousand rural households in Hamedan with the efforts of the 13th government

The CEO of Hamadan Province Water and Sewerage Company announced the supply of drinking water to 28 villages in the form of 8498 households and said: The operation of water supply to 70 villages of the province has been completed in the Jihad Water Supply Project with the cooperation of Basij Sazendagi Imam Hassan Mojtabi (A.S.). , water supply to 28 villages has been operated and the rest of the projects will be operated by the end of the year or the beginning of the next year.

According to the public relations report of Hamedan Province, Farhad Bakhtiarifar announced the news: The first water supply contract in Hamedan was considered with the aim of supplying water to 160 villages, and this contract currently has 76% physical progress.
Bakhtiarifar continued: The duration of this contract is 30 months and the credit considered for these projects is 509 billion tomans, which covers more than 150 thousand people in the form of 45 thousand 200 households.
He stated that until now the water supply operation has been used in 28 villages, he explained: the villages of Rawan, Dehnjard and Mirza Hesari in Bahar city, the villages of Hajiabad, Sutleq, Kander, Kohnoosh, Karzan and Ganblah in Toisarkan city, the villages of Jarbanlu, Takiye and Yarmeh Bagh in Rozan city, Sarauk and Faizabad villages in Famnin city, Jazvan, Aghkand, Ozon Dareh, Kondtepe, Ghora Jineh, Taherlo, Mirzahasari, Washor, Puroraq and Noorabad Hajilo villages in Kabudrahang city, Ashak village in Malair city and Zarin Bagh villages. , Deh Musa, Taimeh and Tawaneh in Nahavand city are the villages that have been supplied with water.
The CEO of Hamedan Water Company, pointing out that 304 billion Tomans have been allocated to the Hamedan water supply project, said: the construction of an underground reservoir with the number of 19 heads and 15200 cubic meters, the implementation of a 195 km long transmission line, the implementation of a distribution network along 120 km, drilling wells with 37 rings and 1 mouth, improving springs and aqueducts and building 2 pumping stations are some of the measures taken in order to supply water to villages with water stress in the province.
Bakhtiarifar noted: From the beginning of 1403, the second contract for water supply to the villages of the province, including 330 villages, with 9,600 billion Rials, will begin with the start of the implementation of the Pishkhor water supply complexes in Famnin city and Arablo in Hamadan city

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